About Us

We know it!


 Since 2006, we have created memories that last a lifetime!  Planning, preparing and delivering FUN to parties, corporate events, team building, church events, school field days and even weddings. 

We have pivoted our business into a different direction and now taking all our experience and assisting the FUN industry to   book more parties and grow their business.

We get it!


 Our team gets it!  They were party hosts at one time and understand the importance of connecting to the parent and they have booked parties and understand the value of upselling on the first call.  Most importantly, the entire team is high energy trained sales experts with continuous training from an expert and past FEC owner with over 30 years of sales experience! 

We grow it!


 Times have changed! Let's face it.  We live in a "NOW" world. Your clients have made the smart decision to outsource their event. Now they are looking for the perfect place to hold this special day for their child.  When they get the cook in the kitchen on the phone or a brand new team member with little to no knowledge, this client will become frustrated and call someone else.  Only 42% of clients book parties online.  What is your average?  How many calls were placed  into the center that didn't book or worse yet they call in and no one answers the phone. 

We will grow you your business and save you money in the long run!

About Us

About the Founder - Janice Jokkel




Spending the last 13+ years owning and operating an FEC (Family Entertainment Center) and Event Planning company, we have decided to shift gears. In 2018, we had to make a very difficult decision to re-sign our lease or go back to our grassroots. Our landlord was unwilling to make the major investment of replacing our A/C and other minor improvements, so we decided it was time to make some changes. We scaled back and retained our seasonal rental portion of our business. We are humbled and honored to have retained 90% of our team. 

Our season ends when your season begins. 

Along my journey, I met many FEC owners and active within IAAPA. 

In conversations, there was common theme. How do I increase birthday sales? 

My answer...


How do you know if marketing is working if the phones are not being answered after hours, on the weekends or when a parent is ready to book? Is the cook in the kitchen or a new team member at the welcome desk who has a line a mile long answering the phone? What I know is that caller has made a conscious decision to outsource their party to someone, they will book with someone - why not it be you! They are looking for a friendly voice on the other end to answer the call, address questions and book the party. 

It's that simple!